Workybooks for the Classroom
The only comprehensive library of interactive readers and workbooks for PreK to Grade 5
Give your students unlimited access to thousands of interactive activities embedded in readers, workbooks and worksheets. Assign books and activities and track student progress
An interactive library backed by a LMS and in depth analytics
When you sign-up for a classroom account, you get all the great features of the Workybooks library for the students, plus an extensive LMS. The educator dashboard empowers teachers and school administrators with key insights into student progress, strengths and areas needing intervention.
Key LMS Features
  • Setup class, students
  • Assign readers, workbooks or activities to students individually or to a group/entire class.
  • Monitor in real time work completed by students.
  • Analytics are available at all levels - student, classroom, school and district level
  • Generate and print reports, export data
Fostering student growth with Workybooks
Use the library screen or search and recommendations engine to discover readers and workbooks that match your lesson objectives and are aligned with Common Core Standards.
Easily assign books or specific activities to a student, group of students or the entire class.
Students automatically receive assignment notification and read/work on it.
Get real time data on the books/pages read, activities completed and results for an assignment.
Use the results to Identify the strengths and areas that need intervention for each child.
Work with each individual students results to do what you do best, help each child strengthen their weak points and further their strengths!
Add your own content, and get paid!

If you create your own worksheets, you can easily add them to the Workybooks platform, and turn them interactive. Use them with your students for free, and even make them available to the entire Workybooks community. You will earn revenue based on the usage of your content. So you not only support teachers and students worldwide by sharing your expertise and knowledge, but get paid for it as well.

Click here to find out more about being a Workybooks Creator.
More benefits for the classroom
Work in classroom or home
Teachers and students can use their accounts to access Workybooks in the classroom or at home seamlessly. All work is synced automatically.
Works for all tech setups
Blended learning, BYOD, Flipped classroom, 1:1 device ratio or 1:many ratio, Workybooks works effectively in all classroom setups.
Get more time!
With auto generated reports and results you get more time to do what you are best at - teaching!
Reach every child
With individual assignments reach every child to address their interests, reading and comprehension level.
Common Core-aligned
Find and assign books and activities aligned with Common core standards.
Teacher support
Get full customer support over email or phone.
Let Workybooks work to elevate your students level in reading and other subject areas!
  • Unlimited access to the entire teacher curated content
  • Interactive worksheets with feedback and scoring
  • Leveled Readers with interactive activities
  • Motivational features such as badges and themes
  • New content added regularly
  • Full featured LMS
All this for
Pricing information will be available at launch
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