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Reading + Activities = Learning Accelerated
“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”
- Benjamin Franklin
Research shows that children tend to understand and retain more when they play activities based on what they have read.
The Workybooks library offers readers and workbooks enhanced with interactive activities. The activities and workbooks keep kids engaged and serve to reinforce the learning and help parents and educators track a child's comprehension and progress.
Beyond Multiple Choice
Workybooks goes beyond multiple choice and simple quiz formats with hundreds of different types of engaging activities with gamification and motivational features built in.
An ever-growing personalized library for your child
Create profiles for your children and get recommendations based on their age, interests and reading level.
Literacy, STEAM and more
Open up a world beyond stories for your child with readers, workbooks and activities in STEAM - Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics, plus titles on brain sharpening, puzzles, logical reasoning and more.
Educator created and curated content
All the content in Workybooks comes from renowned educational publishers and educators, and is curated by educators.
More awesome features
Any device, anywhere
Workybooks works on any web browser, Chromebooks, iPad, iPhone and android phones and tablets! Downloaded books can be viewed offline from anywhere.
Motivational features
Workybooks keep children engaged and motivated with badges, themes, unlockable features and more.
Read-to-me content
Workybooks supports early readers through read-to-me books with word highlighting and audio instructions.
Progress tracking
Monitor the growth of your child with detailed analytics. Get information on books read, activities completed, time spent, strengths and areas needing intervention!
Multiple profiles
A single low subscription lets you create up to 4 child profiles at home and up to 40 for class subscriptions!
Ad free environment
Child safe environment with No ads or in app purchases!
More amazing features for the classroom. Educators click here to learn more
Let Workybooks work to elevate your child’s level in reading and other subject areas!
  • Unlimited access to all the teacher curated books
  • Interactive workbooks with feedback and scoring
  • Leveled Readers with interactive activities
  • Motivational features such as badges and themes
  • New books added regularly
  • Up to 4 child profiles
  • Cancel anytime
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