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Reading Comprehension

10 Free Science Reading Passages Worksheets

Finding high-quality, standards-aligned reading passages to use with young students can be tricky. That’s why I am so excited to share these 10 free science reading passages worksheets from Workybooks! They provide meaningful practice while covering key ELA standards.

1. Use this second-grade worksheet on context clues with this informational text on sea stars. Students will read the text and then define the unknown words to build their science vocabulary.

2. This informational text on sharks will teach your students all about these incredible, ancient animals! The free response comprehension questions that follow will test their understanding. You can download the science comprehension pdf here.

3. A nonfiction, informational passage meeting standard RI.4.3-2.All About Dentists
Students read an informational text explaining what dentists do and how they are trained. Aligned to RI.4.3-2  Students learn about dentists and their training, they’ll also develop crucial informational reading skills.

Informational Text —All About Dentists Worksheet

4. Scientific text on Earthquakes and Infrastructure – This science passage and questions address standard RI.4.1-3. More earthquake worksheets are available here.

5. Key ideas about Importance of Healthy Diet – RI.4.5-2 is covered with this informational text. Healthy fluency practice!

Importance of Healthy Diet Worksheet

6. Studying Migratory Birds—This is an informational passage about migratory birds aligned to RI.4.3-1. This four-page activity features comprehension questions in multiple-choice form.


7. Learning About Sound Scientific texts on the importance of sound waves are perfect for meeting standard RI.4.5-1. It includes comprehension questions.


8. Healthy Teeth and Gums—This dental health passage is aligned to RI.4.3-3. It features comprehension questions, vocabulary words, and fluency practice.


9.Context clues worksheet – This informational text on beeltes is perfect for teaching context clues. Students will read the text and then define certain words from the passage without the help of a dictionary.

10. Human Factors Affecting Climate – The reading passage and questions on human impacts on climate change aligns with science standards and builds 4th graders’ comprehension of this important real-world topic. This worksheet aligns with the Next Generation Science Standard 3-ESS2-2, and the Common Core State Standards RI.4.8 and RI.3.1


The Workybooks digital library provides printable and digital informational science passages and questions on topics like sound, earthquakes, and human impacts on climate provide engaging science comprehension practice for students.

These passages are a fantastic resource for 4th-grade ELA standards practice. Teachers should download them to use for whole-class instruction, small groups, partner work, and assessments. They save time while providing high-quality curriculum-aligned practice to students.

Best of all – they’re completely free! Every elementary teacher or homeschooling parent should download these passages today.

Neha Goel Tripathi, PhD

Accomplished sustainability educationist with over 20 years of experience in city planning, architecture and teaching. Experienced in research and consultancy on various projects covering climate change, sustainability, eco-sensitive zones, and smart cities. Passionate educator currently working on innovating climate change curriculum for K-12 students. I am driven to nurture students' critical thinking and awareness on environmental sustainability.

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