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10 Must-Read Chapter Books for 3rd Graders

chapter books for 3rd graders

Reading is a fundamental skill that students need to acquire to discover a world of learning. Third grade is an exciting time for young readers as they begin to tackle longer, more complex chapter books. Chapter reading helps 

  • to promote comprehension of longer texts, 

  • build vocabulary, 

  • develop fluency and 

  • increase reading speed.

Moreover, chapter reading helps to develop critical thinking skills, as students must analyze the text and draw conclusions. It also encourages students to make connections between what they are reading and the world around them. By reading and understanding multiple chapters, students can also gain a better understanding of the overall plot and theme of the book. 

Tips to make chapter reading fun for your kid

One of the keys to making chapter reading a fun and engaging activity is to mix things up and keep things interesting. Here are some tips to make chapter reading a fun and engaging activity for your third-grade student:

  1. Find books that are interesting to your child. Look for books with themes or characters that your child enjoys. Let them select the series based on their interest. This will make them more motivated to read and will make the experience more enjoyable. 
  2. Make it interactive. Instead of just having your child sit and read, try to incorporate some interactive elements. You could ask them questions about the story as they read, have them draw a picture of a scene from the book, or act out a scene with dolls or action figures.
  3. Take breaks. Reading for an extended period can be tiring, especially for younger children. Make sure to take breaks and do something fun between chapters to keep your child engaged
  4. Make it a family activity. Chapter reading can be a great bonding activity for the whole family. Take turns reading chapters out loud to each other, or have each family member take on a different character’s voice as you read.
  5. Set a goal. Giving your child a goal to work towards can help them stay motivated. You could set a goal for how many chapters they need to read in a week or have them earn rewards for each book they complete.

Must read chapter books  for 3rd-grade 

The good news is there are so many great books to choose from in chapter reading in third grade. Here are some of the recommendations for third-grade chapter books that your elementary child will love:

  1. “The Magic Tree House” series by Mary Pope Osborne: This series follows the adventures of siblings Jack and Annie as they travel through time and space using a magic tree house. Through their travels, Jack and Annie learn about different cultures and periods, as well as the importance of reading and research. With over 50 books in the series, there’s plenty to keep kids engaged.
  2. “Junie B. Jones” series by Barbara Park: This beloved series focuses on the adventures of Junie B. Jones, a feisty six-year-old girl who navigates the world of first grade with her quirky personality and unique voice. Junie B. Jones learns important life lessons while facing everyday challenges, making her an endearing and relatable character to young readers. 
  3. “The Ramona Quimby” series by Beverly Cleary: This series follows the antics of Ramona Quimby, a young girl with a wild imagination and boundless energy. Ramona’s antics and adventures will have readers of all ages laughing out loud.
  4. “The Boxcar Children” series by Gertrude Chandler Warner: This series follows the adventures of four orphaned siblings who make a home for themselves in an old boxcar. Through their various adventures, they learn the value of hard work, cooperation, and friendship.
  5. “The Chronicles of Narnia” series by C.S. Lewis: The Chronicles of Narnia is an epic fantasy series of seven books in which the four Pevensie children take part in a magical adventure in the land of Narnia. Along the way, they learn about courage, loyalty, and the power of true friendship.
  6. “The Harry Potter” series by J.K. Rowling: This beloved series follows the adventures of Harry Potter, a young wizard who discovers that he is the famous “Boy Who Lived.”
  7. “The Fantastic Mr. Fox” by Roald Dahl: In the tale, Mr. Fox and his family must outwit three mean farmers to survive. Through wit, cleverness, and a bit of luck, Mr. Fox and his family can outsmart their adversaries and come out on top. This story is full of adventure, laughs, and suspense, making it a great read for children of all ages.
  8. Where the Wild Things Are” by Maurice Sendak: This classic picture book follows the adventures of Max, a young boy who travels to a magical land where wild things are.
  9. “The Indian in the Cupboard” by Lynne Reid Banks: This magical story follows the adventures of a young boy who discovers that his toy cupboard has the power to bring his toys to life.
  10.  “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” by L. Frank Baum: This classic tale follows the adventures of Dorothy, a young girl who is transported to the magical land of Oz.

These are just a few of many great chapter books that are perfect for third-grade readers. Whether your child is into magic, adventure, or just plain fun, there’s a book on this list that is sure to capture their imagination and keep them turning the pages. 

Happy reading!

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Accomplished sustainability educationist with over 20 years of experience in city planning, architecture and teaching. Experienced in research and consultancy on various projects covering climate change, sustainability, eco-sensitive zones, and smart cities. Passionate educator currently working on innovating climate change curriculum for K-12 students. I am driven to nurture students' critical thinking and awareness on environmental sustainability.

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