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2-Syllable Words – Magic E Worksheet

What are Two-syllable Words?

A syllable is a unit of sound in a word. Syllables consist of one vowel sound, alone or surrounded by consonants.

Words can be divided into syllables based on vowel sounds. Every syllable contains one main vowel sound.

For example:

  • Cat = one syllable
  • Tiger = two syllables (ti-ger)
  • Hippopotamus = five syllables (hip-po-pot-a-mus)

Two-syllable words are simply words that contain exactly two vowel sounds and, therefore, can be separated into two syllables.

Examples of 2-syllable Words:

  • Sunset (sun-set)
  • Football (foot-ball)
  • Pancake (pan-cake)
  • Housewarming (house-warming)
  • Daydream (day-dream)
  • Playground (play-ground)

So in simple terms, two-syllable words have two main vowel sounds with or without surrounding consonants that allow you to divide that word into two chunks or beats – making them two distinct syllables.

Learning how to break words into parts called syllables and sound them out is an important reading skill. In this blog post, we want to share a fun worksheet that helps kids practice this decoding skill using two-syllable words with a magic E worksheet. When you add a Magic E to the end of a word, it changes the vowel sound in the first syllable. Students can use the Magic E trick to get better at quickly sounding out new words while also learning rules about syllables. Mastering syllables and letter patterns helps beginning readers decode bigger words.

This fun worksheet is great for teaching an important Common Core reading standard CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RF.1.3.e. It helps first graders practice sounding out 2-syllable words. Students look at pictures of things like fireman, notepad, and tadpole.

They Divide Two-syllable Words into Syllables.

First they write the first sound part. Then they add the second syllable from a word bank. Building the words one chunk at a time improves phonemic awareness. The hands-on activity makes learning about syllables more engaging. Students have to think about letter sounds and patterns. Completing the pictures by decoding syllable by syllable gives practical decoding practice. It helps in literacy development by mastering reading foundational skills in Grade 1.


I am confident with this fun worksheet kids can practice breaking words and use the pictures to improve understanding of the two-syllable words. They build the words one chunk at a time using a word bank. This interactive approach helps students learn rules for sounding out bigger words.

Please download this free resource to help kids decode 2-syllable vocabulary now!

Find more activities for teaching syllables and sound patterns in our digital library here.

Happy decoding!



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