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2nd Grade Math Subtraction Worksheets

2nd grade math worksheets

Practice Makes Perfect!

2nd-grade math subtraction worksheets are an important math practice to help build foundational skills.


Number sense (Common Core State Standards: Numbers & Operations in Base 10) & Operations & Algebraic Thinking) are arguably the more important math domains.


Number Sense is the base of the student’s understanding of place value and how numbers work.


For some second graders, the concept of subtraction is tricky especially as they begin to deepen their understanding and delve into working with larger numbers. By the end of 2nd-grade students are expected to add & subtract to 1,000. This level of mastery takes time even for students who aren’t struggling with math.


As part of your explicit, systematic instruction please consider using our fun worksheets for classroom use!


math subtraction worksheets


1-digit numbers

One-digit number subtraction is technically a 1st grade skill but 2nd graders have the requirement of knowing automatically (or fairly quickly) single-digit subtraction.


By the end of grade 1, students should automatically know basic subtraction facts or at least know how to solve them quickly. The expectation for grade 2 is that they are able to automatically respond with subtraction facts when prompted. For example, in The subtraction problem 4-1 they should quickly say or write “3!”

Mental math is another key foundational piece to solving math problems quickly. 

2-digit numbers

Moving into larger numbers students learn to regroup and work towards a deeper understanding of algebraic thinking. This means building and decomposing larger numbers.


3-digit numbers

Multi-digit numbers like 3-digit subtraction can be a difficult transition for kids without a strong foundation. Re-teach or reinforce subtraction skills with supports like the break-apart strategy, subtracting on a number line, or subtracting with a hundreds chart are very helpful strategies to reinforce place value concepts.

2nd grade subtraction workhseets

NOTE: Most of our math worksheets focus on horizontal computation. I personally do not recommend vertical subtraction until students are in 4th grade or 5th grade OR when they have a concrete understanding of place value (via accurate regrouping without support).



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Serena D., M.A. Ed.

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