Matching Math! Worksheet

This learning resource is available in interactive and printable formats. The interactive worksshet can be played online and assigned to students. The Printable PDF version can be downloaded and printed for completion by hand.
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About the Worksheet

This interactive and printable worksheet, "Matching Math!" worksheet is a fun and engaging way for students to practice addition expressions and understanding the concept of "more than" in math. This printable PDF resource is designed to help children enhance their problem-solving and critical thinking skills while reinforcing their knowledge of addition and mathematical expressions.

In this worksheet, students are required to match the given words with their corresponding expressions. The worksheet presents a series of word problems that describe addition scenarios, such as "2 more than 5" or "3 more than 6." Students must identify the correct expression that represents each given statement.

This activity not only strengthens students' understanding of addition operations but also helps them develop their ability to translate verbal descriptions into mathematical expressions. By making these connections, students deepen their conceptual understanding of addition and its applications in real-world situations.

What will your child learn through this worksheet?

Through this worksheet, your child will learn:

  • Interpreting word problems and translating them into mathematical expressions
  • Understanding the concept of "more than" and its representation in addition expressions
  • Recognizing and applying addition operations
  • Developing problem-solving and critical thinking skills
  • Enhancing their understanding of mathematical language and terminology

Learning Outcomes

The learning outcomes for this worksheet are:


  • Students will be able to translate verbal descriptions into mathematical expressions involving addition.
  • Students will demonstrate an understanding of the concept of "more than" and its representation in mathematical expressions.


  • Students will develop fine motor skills by writing or typing their responses.


  • Students will gain confidence in their ability to interpret word problems and solve addition expressions.
  • Students will develop a positive attitude towards math and problem-solving.


  • Students can collaborate and discuss their thought processes with peers or teachers, fostering communication and teamwork skills.


Math Worksheets, Addition Expressions, Word Problems, "More Than" Concept, Problem-Solving, Critical Thinking, Mathematical Language, Fine Motor Skills, Confidence Building, Positive Attitude, Collaboration, Communication, Teamwork

Publisher: Workybooks
Written by:Jessica Campbell
Illustrated by: Phoebe Rothfeld

Common core standards covered

Relate counting to addition and subtraction (e.g., by counting on 2 to add 2).

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