Lions—Informational Text Worksheet

This learning resource is available in interactive and printable formats. The interactive worksshet can be played online and assigned to students. The Printable PDF version can be downloaded and printed for completion by hand.
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About the Worksheet

This printable and interactive worksheet explores the fascinating world of lions, a beloved animal species found in Africa. Designed for young learners, the worksheet aims to introduce children to lions' habitats, diet, behaviors, and social structures through engaging reading passages and comprehension questions.

The interactive version allows students to engage with the content online, while the PDF format enables them to print and complete the worksheet manually. Both formats provide a fun and educational experience for children to learn about these majestic felines.

What Your Child Will Learn

Through this worksheet, your child will gain knowledge about the following:

  • The geographical location of lions, specifically that they live in Africa.
  • Lions' dietary preferences and their role as carnivores, feeding primarily on meat.
  • Lions' hunting behaviors and their nocturnal activity patterns.
  • The social structure of lions, with groups being referred to as "prides."

Learning Outcomes

The learning outcomes for this worksheet are designed to be:


  • Acquire knowledge about lions' habitats, diets, behaviors, and social structures.
  • Develop reading comprehension skills by understanding the provided passage.


  • Foster an appreciation and interest in learning about animals and their unique characteristics.
  • Encourage curiosity and a desire to explore further by generating additional questions.


Lions, Africa, Carnivores, Nocturnal, Social Structures, Animal Facts, Reading Comprehension, Interactive Worksheets, Printable PDF, Early Learning, K-2 Education, Wildlife

Publisher: Workybooks
Written by:Jacqueline Juliano
Illustrated by: Sean Hnedak

Common core standards covered

With prompting and support, ask and answer questions about key details in a text.

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