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Collective Nouns Worksheet: Learn Language Proficiency

Say goodbye to spending hours creating your own resources and hello to a ready-made collection that will help your students master in collective nouns concept with worksheets. Teaching collective nouns to second graders can be easy with engaging and assessable worksheets from Workybooks!

What are Collective Nouns?

A collective noun is a word that describes a group of people, animals, or things. Collective nouns give a name to entire groups as if they were a single thing. This helps make it easier to refer to that group as a whole, rather than listing out each individual member.

How do Collective Nouns Differ from Plural Nouns?

Collective nouns and plural nouns share some similarities, but there are also key differences to remember:


  • Both represent more than one thing.
  • Both can be used with singular or plural verbs depending on the context.

Differences in Form:

  • Plural nouns: Always take the plural form (e.g., books, houses, dogs).
  • Collective nouns: Can be singular or plural in form, but often singular (e.g., team, audience, jury).


FeaturePlural NounCollective Noun
Formbooks, houses, dogsteam, audience, jury
Verb AgreementThe books are on the shelf.The team is playing tomorrow. (singular, acting as a unit)
FunctionMultiple entities of the same kindGroup acting as a single unit

Collective Noun Examples

  • A gaggle of geese honked overhead, migrating south for the winter.
  • A bouquet of flowers brightened the hospital room, bringing cheer to the patient.
  • A colony of ants scurried diligently, carrying crumbs back to their hidden nest.
  • The school of fish shimmered like silver coins in the sunlight, darting playfully through the coral reef.
  • The orchestra tuned their instruments, preparing for a harmonious performance.
  • A parliament of owls gathered in the ancient oak tree, their wise eyes scanning the moonlit forest.
  • The jury deliberated for hours, finally reaching a verdict in the complex case.
  • The audience roared with laughter as the comedian delivered their witty jokes.
  • A fleet of ships sailed across the horizon, carrying goods and passengers to distant lands.
  • A playful troop of monkeys swung through the trees.

Collective Nouns Worksheets from the Workybooks Library

Worksheet 1: Circling Activity

Students simply circle the collective noun in each sentence, solidifying their understanding of these unique words. Assess their comprehension by reviewing their circled words and offering guidance where needed.

collective nouns worksheet

Worksheet 2: Fill in the Blank

This interactive activity takes things a step further by challenging students to apply their knowledge of nouns.

Students read sentences with blanks where collective nouns should be and choose the best fit from a provided word bank. Teachers can quickly assess the students’ understanding by reviewing their completed sentences.

collective nouns worksheet

Worksheet 3: Grouping Animals with Interactive Quiz

In this engaging vocabulary activity, students will match groups of animals with their corresponding collective nouns.

collective nouns worksheet

Benefits for Teachers:

  • Ready-made and assessable: Save valuable time by using pre-designed worksheets with clear answer keys.
  • Engaging and fun: Capture students’ attention and keep them motivated with interactive activities.
  • Differentiated learning: Cater to diverse learning styles and abilities with a variety of activities.
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Accomplished sustainability educationist with over 20 years of experience in city planning, architecture and teaching. Experienced in research and consultancy on various projects covering climate change, sustainability, eco-sensitive zones, and smart cities. Passionate educator currently working on innovating climate change curriculum for K-12 students. I am driven to nurture students' critical thinking and awareness on environmental sustainability.

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