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Informative Writing Worksheets: Free & Interactive

Tap into common core standards on informational texts with our reading comprehension worksheets featuring interactive worksheets!

1. Graphic Organizer Worksheets:

Teach young students to identify key details, draw inferences, and summarize central ideas through engaging exercises on a variety of topics. Our Graphic Organizer worksheets provide a fun and interactive way for Grade 1 students to visually plan and structure their ideas. With colourful diagrams and prompts, these worksheets guide children in developing a strong foundation for expressing themselves through writing.

Informative Writing Worksheets

Informative Writing Worksheets

2. Animal Informative Writing Worksheets:

Bring the animal kingdom into the classroom with our Animal Informative Writing worksheets. These sheets are tailor-made for Grade 1, combining the excitement of learning about animals with the essential skills of informative writing. From fascinating facts to creative prompts, students will explore their favourite creatures while honing their writing abilities.

Animal Informative Writing Worksheet

Informative Writing Worksheets
Animal Informative Writing Worksheets

Why Choose Our Worksheets:

  • Designed specifically for Grade 1 students.
  • Engaging and age-appropriate content.
  • Encourages critical thinking and creativity.
  • Supports language development and writing skills.
  • Aligned with common core ela standards.

Empower your young writers to express themselves confidently as they embark on a journey of writing with our Grade 1 worksheets!

Neha Goel Tripathi, PhD

Accomplished sustainability educationist with over 20 years of experience in city planning, architecture and teaching. Experienced in research and consultancy on various projects covering climate change, sustainability, eco-sensitive zones, and smart cities. Passionate educator currently working on innovating climate change curriculum for K-12 students. I am driven to nurture students' critical thinking and awareness on environmental sustainability.

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