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Hey there, space explorers! Are you ready to learn about the mysterious force called gravity? Let’s dive in and discover how it works, both on Earth and in the vast expanse of space! 🚀 🌕 👩‍🚀 🌌 🌠

What is gravity?

Gravity is like a giant invisible magnet that pulls things towards each other. It’s the reason you don’t float away when you jump. Imagine you have a magical string that keeps everything pulled towards the ground—that’s gravity at work!

How does gravity make things fall to the ground?

When you let go of a ball, gravity pulls it down to the ground. It’s like an invisible hand gently tugging at everything, making sure it doesn’t float away. This is why when you drop your ice cream cone (oops!), it always falls down and makes a mess.

Melted ice cream cone.

Gravity in Space:

Does gravity exist in space?

Yes, gravity exists in space! Even though it might seem like there’s no gravity in space, it’s actually working all the time. In fact, gravity is the reason why the Moon keeps orbiting around Earth. Even though there isn’t a ground to fall to, the planets, stars, and moons are all pulling on each other with their own gravity. It’s like a cosmic movement where everything is connected by invisible strings.

How does gravity keep the Moon orbiting around the Earth?

The Earth’s gravity pulls on the Moon, and the Moon’s gravity pulls on the Earth. This pull keeps the Moon from flying off into space. Instead, the Moon goes around and around the Earth in a big circle, like it’s on an invisible leash.

Can you jump higher on the Moon than on Earth? Why?

Yes, you can jump way higher on the Moon than on Earth! Because, the Moon’s gravity is much weaker—about one-sixth as strong as Earth’s gravity. If you weigh 50 pounds on Earth, you would only weigh about 8 pounds on the Moon. So, if you can jump one foot high on Earth, you could jump six feet high on the Moon!

Astronaut Playing Skateboard On Moon Cartoon

What would happen if there was no gravity in space?

If there was no gravity in space, everything would drift away into nothingness. Planets wouldn’t orbit the stars, moons wouldn’t orbit planets, and we wouldn’t have the beautiful night sky with stars and constellations. Everything would just float away from each other, and the universe would be a very different place!

Here is grade 3 worksheet on gravity – Informational Text —Uh Oh, Where Did Gravity Go?. This short informational text on gravity will teach your students about this natural phenomenon. A fun drawing activity follows the passage, asking students to draw what their bedroom would look like without gravity. 

Isn’t gravity amazing? It keeps our feet on the ground, makes sure our Moon stays with us, and creates the wonderful dance of planets and stars in space! 🌍 🌎 🌏 🌕 🌑

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