Inflectional Endings Board Game Worksheet

This learning resource is available in interactive and printable formats. The interactive worksshet can be played online and assigned to students. The Printable PDF version can be downloaded and printed for completion by hand.
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About the Worksheet

The Ending Game is a fun and interactive worksheet designed to help students practice reading and identifying words that end with the suffixes "-ing" and "-ed". This engaging game board activity combines elements of chance and strategy, making it an enjoyable learning experience for children.

Players roll a die and move forward the corresponding number of spaces on the game board. They must then read aloud the word they land on, which ends in either "-ing" or "-ed". If the word ends with "-ed", they move back one space, but if it ends with "-ing", they stay on the space until their next turn.

This interactive and printable worksheet, not only reinforces the recognition of word endings but also encourages active reading, turn-taking, and following instructions. By navigating through the game board and adjusting their movements based on the word endings, children develop their reading fluency and comprehension skills in a fun and interactive manner.

The interactive worksheet can be played online, allowing for easy access and engagement, while the printable PDF version offers the flexibility of a physical game board that can be printed and played anywhere.

What will your child learn through this worksheet?

Through this engaging worksheet, your child will:

  • Develop reading fluency by practicing reading words aloud
  • Strengthen their ability to identify and distinguish words ending with "-ing" and "-ed"
  • Enhance their understanding of word patterns and suffixes
  • Practice following instructions and adhering to game rules
  • Engage in turn-taking and strategic thinking
  • Reinforce their cognitive skills through reading and comprehension activities

Learning Outcomes

The learning outcomes for this worksheet are designed to be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely (SMART).


  • Students will be able to read and identify words ending with "-ing" and "-ed" with at least 80% accuracy.
  • Students will demonstrate an understanding of word patterns and suffixes by correctly applying the game rules.


  • Students will develop fine motor skills by rolling the die and moving game pieces on the board.


  • Students will exhibit engagement and enjoyment during the game-based learning activity.


  • Students will demonstrate turn-taking and good sportsmanship while playing the game with peers or family members.


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Publisher: Workybooks
Written by:Jacqueline Juliano
Illustrated by: Sean Hnedak

Common core standards covered

Identify frequently occurring root words (e.g., look) and their inflectional forms (e.g., looks, looked, looking).
Read words with inflectional endings.

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