Explanatory Writing Organizer Worksheet

This learning resource is available in interactive and printable formats. The interactive worksshet can be played online and assigned to students. The Printable PDF version can be downloaded and printed for completion by hand.
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About the "Explanatory Writing Organizer" Worksheet

Explanatory Writing Organizer: How to Teach Others Step-by-Step. This interactive and printable worksheet is designed to help students develop their explanatory writing skills by guiding them through the process of teaching others how to do something they excel at. The organizer prompts students to think about a skill they possess and break it down into clear, sequential steps.

The worksheet provides a structured format for students to outline their explanatory writing. It includes sections for listing necessary materials and detailing four distinct steps in the process. This layout encourages students to think critically about the components of their chosen skill and how to communicate it effectively to others. By completing this organizer, students not only improve their writing abilities but also reinforce their understanding of the skill they're explaining.

What will your child learn through this worksheet?

  • How to organize thoughts and ideas in a logical sequence
  • The importance of clear communication in instructional writing
  • How to break down complex tasks into manageable steps
  • The value of identifying and listing necessary materials for a task

Learning Outcomes


  • Students will be able to identify and articulate the key steps in a process they are familiar with
  • Learners will demonstrate the ability to organize information in a clear, sequential manner


  • Students will practice fine motor skills through writing and potentially drawing or diagramming steps
  • Learners may engage in physical demonstrations of the skill they are explaining, enhancing their motor memory


  • Students will develop confidence in their ability to teach and explain concepts to others
  • Learners will cultivate a sense of pride in their personal skills and knowledge


  • Students will improve their ability to communicate instructions clearly to others
  • Learners will develop empathy by considering how to best explain concepts to those unfamiliar with the topic


explanatory writing, step-by-step instructions, writing organizer, teaching skills, sequencing, instructional writing, process explanation, writing skills development

Publisher: Workybooks
Written by:Jacqueline Juliano
Illustrated by: Phoebe Rothfeld

Common core standards covered

Write informative/explanatory texts in which they introduce a topic, use facts and definitions to develop points, and provide a concluding statement or section.

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