Describing Objects in Maths Worksheet

This learning resource is available in interactive and printable formats. The interactive worksshet can be played online and assigned to students. The Printable PDF version can be downloaded and printed for completion by hand.
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About the Worksheet

This interactive and printable worksheet, "Describing Objects" worksheet from is an engaging educational resource designed to help children build their vocabulary and descriptive skills. This interactive and printable worksheet challenges students to identify and circle words that can be used to describe various objects.

By completing this worksheet, children will not only expand their vocabulary but also develop their ability to observe and describe the world around them accurately. The worksheet encourages critical thinking and helps students understand the importance of using precise and descriptive language.

This resource can be seamlessly integrated into language arts, reading, and writing curriculums, making it a versatile and valuable tool for educators. Its interactive format allows for engaging online learning, while the printable PDF version offers flexibility for traditional classroom activities or homework assignments.

What will your child learn through this worksheet?

Through this worksheet, your child will:

  • Enhance their vocabulary by learning and identifying descriptive words.
  • Develop observational skills by analyzing and describing objects.
  • Improve their ability to use precise and descriptive language.
  • Engage in critical thinking by selecting appropriate words to describe different objects.
  • Reinforce their understanding of opposites (e.g., short/long, small/large, light/heavy).

Learning Outcomes

By completing the "Describing Objects" worksheet, students will achieve the following learning outcomes:


  • Identify and understand the meaning of descriptive words.
  • Recognize and apply appropriate descriptive words to various objects.
  • Differentiate between opposites and use them accurately.


  • Develop fine motor skills by circling words on the worksheet.
  • Improve hand-eye coordination through the act of identifying and circling words.


  • Foster an appreciation for the richness of language and descriptive vocabulary.
  • Build confidence in their ability to describe and communicate effectively.


  • Engage in discussions about the objects and their descriptions, promoting collaboration and communication skills.
  • Share their descriptions with others, fostering active listening and respect for different perspectives.


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Publisher: Workybooks
Written by:Serena Din
Illustrated by: Workybooks Team

Common core standards covered

Directly compare two objects with a measurable attribute in common, to see which object has "more of"/"less of" the attribute, and describe the difference. For example, directly compare the heights of two children and describe one child as taller/shorter.

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